The Keen Foxhunter’s Miscellany


An entertaining book and an excellent present, The Keen Foxhunter’s Miscellany, only recently published, is a collection of 350 entries on the subject of foxhunting past and present. Articles range from snippets such as the fact that The Essex Foxhounds of the early 18th Century had to cancel a day because one of their members, a Piccadilly fishmonger, smelled so strongly of fish that the hounds were quite put off their scent, to a description of the 1869 Newby ferry tragedy, which resulted in the greatest loss of human life on a hunting field.


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Everything to do with foxhunting is here, including profiles of hunting eccentrics such as Mad Jack Mytton who was so obsessed by his appearance that he owned 150 pairs of breeches and Harry, Marquis of Hastings, whose tendency to arrive on the field two hours late and inebriated made his brief Mastership of The Quorn an infamous disaster.

Other references include D W E Brock’s comment on the problem of a male foxhunter being spotted having a pee by a lady subscriber – ‘If you must go behind a haystack and their isnt one, remember that if she’s a lady she wont look, and if she isnt ……… !’

This is full of interest and amusement even to those outside the world of hunting.

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